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Men's Clothes Happy Socks

Give good socks goodbye, because Happy Socks are coming now. Two young Swedes, Viktor Tell and Mikael Söderlindh, decided in spring 2008 to launch the Happy Socks joint project.

Ideal Fashion Business - Viktor is a graphic designer and Mikael can sell the goods because he previously worked in advertisements. What are the Happy Socks Ideals? Shape gray and uniformity from detail. Many young people have learned to dress colorfully, eccentrically and experimentally. However, this only concerned the main parts of the outfit, the socks were always remembered. Until now. Label Happy Socks, led by Viktor and Mikael, comes with unprecedented, imaginative and unique sock patterns. So colorful socks you are not wearing! Color alternates not only on classic long socks, but also on ankle or extra long socks above the knees. Brand Happy Socks has collaborated in his efforts with other labels and people. For example, with photographer Curtis Kuligem, of which cooperation came the imitation Happy Socks x Love Me. The Chapter #Six collection is exactly what characterizes Viktor and Mikael's thinking of Happy Socks - colors, patterns, just something new. These are socks for every occasion, for every mood. Whether you are happy, sad, upset or in a melancholic mood, Happy Socks socks will delight you.








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