Complaints and Claims

  • How can I claim the goods?

    Send the claimed item to the address of our warehouse (Milady Horákové 452/11, 170 00, Praha 7-Letná, Czech Republic) with a printed complaint form as well as a copy of the invoice. We will inform you about the result by e-mail. We always try to be faster than the usual 30 days.
    1. Complaints must be made as soon as the defect occurs; if the product is used further, the defect could quickly become much worse. This can then be a reason to reject the complaint.
    2. The product must be clean, empty (in the case of bags) and hygienically sound. If the returned product does not comply with the principles of general hygiene, the complaint will be refused.
    3. The right to file a complaint does not apply to damage caused by non-compliance with the instructions for washing and care on the labels from the manufacturers.

  • Can I choose a product of a higher value as a replacement for the claimed product? How is the payment for the price difference handled?

    Yes you can. Make a new order, select the ”cash on delivery” option in the delivery section and write "exchange for reclaim" in the note space. We will deduct the value of the claimed item from this new order in the form of a credit. The overpayment is returned back to the bank account that you provided to us. In the case of back payment, please choose bank transfer and we will send the newly ordered goods cash on delivery, we will calculate the price difference between the first and second order. You will be charged no shipping price in this case.

  • How can I find out the status of my claim?

    We will send you an email informing you that your claim has been recieved for processing. If you file the claim directly at one of our stores, we do not send an email. We will contact you by email as soon as we have settled your complaint.

  • I have received a damaged product, how should I proceed?

    Please contact our customer service by phone or email, describing the issue and including your order number. We will find a solution as quickly as possible. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

  • I received a damaged package, how should I proceed?

    In this case, it would be best to not accept the shipment from the courier, reject the package and inform us of the situation. We will do our best to send you your purchase again or return the paid amount to you as soon as possible. When you decide to accept the package from the courier, remember that you must write a damage report with them directly. Otherwise, the subsequent complaint would not be taken into account by the courier and the damage would be difficult for both you and for us to prove. If you file a damage report with the courier directly, the package will stay in your possession and Freshlabels will find a solution to have the package returned. We guarantee that we will help you with the process of sending the damaged package back to us and with further settlement of the whole matter.

  • I have received a different product than I ordered, what should I do?

    In this case, please contact our customer service team.

  • The battery in my watch, which is still under warranty, has run out. Can I have the battery replaced? Will I lose my warranty?

    Don't worry, you will not lose the warranty. Please visit a specialist to have the battery replaced. If you then send us a receipt together with your order number from when the watch was purchased, we will be happy to reimburse you for the battery replacement (no later than one year from the purchase of the watch).

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