• I wasn't able to pay for my order by card, what should I do?

    We've accepted the order anyway, don't make another one. The necessary information for finalizing your payment will be sent to the email address specified in the order. Please follow these instructions. If you have not received this email from us or would like to select another payment option, please contact our customer service, with your order number for reference.

  • Is it possible to pay by card in store?

    All of our stores accept the most widely used payment cards (MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro); even contactless payment is possible in many stores.

  • Is payment in advance secure?

    Yes, payment in advance is safe. Our goal is to have satisfied and loyal customers. In the case of any problems (product damage) or cancellation of the order, your money will immediately be returned to your bank account.

  • I paid by bank transfer. When will the order be sent to my address?

    Bank transfers between banks usually take one to two business days. After receiving the payment, you will be sent an email to the address provided when ordering. We will send the order immediately after recieving payment.

  • I paid by a bank transfer. When will it be possible to pick up my order at the store?

    Bank transfers between banks usually take one to two business days. After receiving the payment, you will be sent an e-mail to the address provided when ordering and a text message to your phone number. We have the order ready when the payment arrives, nothing prevents delivery to the store.

  • Can I change the payment method for my order?

    Yes! We can change the method of payment for an unprocessed order. In case of this request, please contact (by email or phone) our customer customer service, with your order number for reference.

  • What payment methods are available for courier orders?

    You can pay for your order in the following ways:
    Payment by card or via PayPal, PayU, GP Webpay or bank transfer.

  • How long will it take to get the money back to my account if I send the goods to the warehouse?

    If the goods are sent to our warehouse, your money will be returned within 14 days of delivery of the parcel. By default, this time is usually much shorter (in the order of days).

  • How will I know that the item I returned has arrived?

    You can verify successful delivery with your courier through the tracking number of the shipment. We will process your return within a few days of delivery, send the payment back to the specified bank account or payment method and send you a confirmation email.

  • The payment gateway did not open when completing the order.

    The order will still be entered into the system and will be kept as unpaid. You will receive an email from us within 30 minutes, in which you will find a link to the payment gateway or bank transfer details.

  • What is the fastest way to find a product?

    You can search for a product by its brand or by keywords. There is a search tool in the upper right corner of our website. For communication with our custom service, use the product number. You can find this number in the “product details” tab.

  • How to choose a suitable size?

    There is a size table available with each product. Just click on “sizing help” where you can find the measurements of the selected product. If the product has not been measured yet, enter a request for measurement and we will add the dimensions to this table as soon as possible.

  • What payment methods do you offer?

    You can pay for our products in the following ways: by payment card or via PayPal. All our stores accept cash payments and payment with the most common payment cards: MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro.

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