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  • Description

    Dopper Original - a practical reusable bottle made of 100% recyclable materials that helps our planet. Thanks to the sale of its bottles, Dopper organizes various educational programs, research and awareness campaigns. And, for example, thanks to this bottle, a Dopper in Nepal project could be created focusing on water problems in Nepal.

    • Practical size and light weight
    • Three-part construction - easy to clean
    • Dishwasher safe (up to 65 ° C)
    • Cup-shaped lid made of ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene)
    • Thermoplastic elastomer seal
    • Made in the Netherlands using wind energy
    • BPA-free
    • Can be used with Dopper Sport Cap
    • 5% of the company's net turnover is funded by the Dopper Foundation, which invests money in solving problems related to plastics
    • Volume: 450 ml
    • Weight: 101 g
    • Dimensions: 24 × 6 cm
    • Material: polypropylene

    Product code : dop005

  • Brand

    Dopper is a noble Dutch act, which by its deeds contributes to the protection of Earth's mother. Sustainable products in the form of BPA free plastic and steel bottles have their users to reduce redundant plastic waste and ponder the scarcity of clean drinking water. Their goal is not to profit, but to highlight the benefits of recycling and help for those in need.

    Dopper, Bottles Dopper

Dopper and Sustainability

The brand Dopper received 4 out of 7 points and has the status „Good job”. Therefore it deserves our Sustainable tag.
Read more about our criteria for assessing sustainability.



The Dopper brand uses recyclable, non-toxic and durable materials such as steel and polypropylene. EFSA regulations do not allow the use of material made from final consumer waste, as the bottles are intended to come into contact with food.



The brand guarantees that the dyes used in the production are not harmful to the environment or the workers who handle them. The European Union's REACH regulation, which regulates the use of chemicals, is complied with.



The brand is responsible for ensuring good working conditions for level 2 workers in the supply chain. Workers are provided with a safe working environment and receive adequate wages.

Supply chain knowledge

Supply chain knowledge

The brand knows its suppliers up to level 2 - therefore it does not know the suppliers of raw materials.

Production radius

Production radius

The brand is trying to eliminate its carbon footprint by joining the GoodShipping program, and renewable biofuels are used in 100% overseas shipping.

The complete production chain has a longer path than 10 000 km.



The Dopper brand draws attention to the issue of using disposable plastic bottles, as it is well aware that a lot of plastic waste ends up in the oceans every year, which never decomposes completely and is the cause of ocean pollution. Therefore, they donate more than 5% of their turnover to the Dopper Foundation to support the spread of awareness of this problem and believe that they will be able to reverse this unfavourable development. The goal of the Dopper Foundation is to eliminate the number of disposable plastic bottles, promote the drinking of tap water and, above all, to educate even the smallest ones about this issue. The idea is spread, for example, through the Plastic Bridge project, the Changemaker Challenge for students or the collaboration with Simavi to provide drinking water in Nepal. Last but not least, Dopper also promotes the P.E.T. Free Pledge, which obliges companies not to use PET water bottles in workplaces, and which Freshlabels is a proud part of.

Sustainability certificates


The B Corporation certification is a certification given to companies by the non-profit organization B Lab. Certified companies must meet the highest standards of social and environmental behaviour, public transparency and legal responsibility for balancing profit and purpose. This creates a community in which the power of business is used for a good cause. Specifically, the B Corp community strives for a healthier environment, building a stronger community, and creating better jobs which can at the same time lower poverty and reduce inequality.
The aim of this European initiative is to ensure quality working conditions in the production of products throughout the entire supply chain. Both in the production and distribution of products, basic labour law and ethical principles such as fair wage, environmental protection or zero tolerance of child labour must be respected.
Cradle to Cradle certification is a globally recognized measure of safer and more sustainable products that are produced for the circular economy, where waste is reused as a source for the production of a new product. To obtain the certification, products must be assessed for environmental and social performance in five critical sustainability categories: material health, material reuse, renewable and carbon energy management, water management and social justice.


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