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    This brand has not yet completed our sustainability questionnaire.

    Fresh Essentials Ax 24 - a quality two-layer drape made of 100% cotton, which our Vendy sews for your health.

    • Filter pocket
    • Material: outer and inner fabric 100% cotton
    • Tying a string
    • Steam disinfected
    • Recommended use:
    • Carefully position the veil to cover the nose and mouth and tighten to minimize any gaps between the veil and the face.
    • When wearing, try to avoid touching the drape as much as possible.
    • Remove the drape with the cords, do not touch the front.
    • After removing or whenever you accidentally touch a used drape, wash your hands thoroughly with soap or antibacterial gel.
    • Recommended care:
    • The easiest way to disinfect the drape is to boil it. Let the water with the drape boil for at least 5 minutes and dry.
    • The drapes can be washed separately in the washing machine. Some studies of similar types of coronaviruses claim that the virus particles are destroyed at 60 ° C for 30 minutes, preferably raising the temperature to 90 ° C.
    • Veils can also be ironed, ideally with steam. If you do not have a steam iron, then at least to the highest level for 5 minutes.

    Product code : fl110

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    Essential is a minimum, everything that begins with what you can build. Freshlabels started with a bunch of friends in a small town and on a fair foundation. Fresh Essentials starts the same way. From the selected fabrics, we cut the three cuts of t-shirts we want to wear with Czech hands. All this with respect to the environment and your wallet. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Fresh Essentials, Face masks Fresh Essentials

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