Ucon Acrobatics Yellow

Label Ucon is the work of Jochen Smuda and Martin Fusseneggera, originally from Germany. Jochen and Martin began to realize their vision of their own project in 2001, a brand in which all their ideals and ideas - creativity, quality of performance and ethics - would be applied.

Ucon is, despite the big fan base, a label that preserves (whether deliberately or unintentionally) a "family" appearance.
At first glance, the Ucon Headquarters environment is part of a party of people who wanted a dignified center for their child, label Ucon. In mid-2008, they began to reconstruct the old cow farm and soon created a place where creativity and youth directly flourished.
The goal of Ucon is not, as is the goal of some other labels, to establish collaboration with as many artists as possible, and then display their names on webpages. Ucon makers want to work with people who have the same ideals as they do. These include, for example, creative artists such as Monja Gentschow Berlin and Falko Ohlmer from Hamburg.
"Uconists" say that getting good clothes is hard. It's great that by making our own high-quality and imaginative products, we are finding it easier to find this ideal.


  • Sustainable
    Recycled PET
    Ucon Acrobatics - Jona
    Now 49.50 €
    49.99 €
    In stock
    Delivered on Thursday (23/05)
  • Sustainable
    Recycled PET
    Ucon Acrobatics - Jasper
    95.50 €
    In stock
    Delivered on Thursday (23/05)

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