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We know that sometimes you might wonder what backpack is suitable for different weather. Some are ideal for everyday wear only, while some are built with durable materials to keep your things dry even in heavy rain. We've prepared an overview to help you choose the right one. You can find a grade on every backpack on our website, that tells you how much rain protection it will provide.

Level 0

Avoid rain. These backpacks and bags are made of special materials that look great, but the contents of your backpack will not be protected from water. Water can damage them too, so watch out on fashion week and stay indoors during the rain.

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Level 1

If you get surprised by a light rain shower or the first winter snow at the bus stop, you don't have to worry about your stuff. But get inside soon. Prolonged contact with water might get your things wet. And you don't want to be soaked, either. We recommend impregnating the material, from time to time, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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Level 2

Nothing can find you unprepared with these backpacks and bags. You can rely on multiple layers, waterproof materials, sealed seams, waterproof zippers or water repellent coatings. Your things will be protected even during a heavy summer storm. However, long walks in the rain are not recommended, the material may not be 100% waterproof when exposed to water for prolonged periods. In the rain, rather walk with your partner. To maintain waterproof properties, take good care of the backpack and regularly impregnate it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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Level 3

This backpack can be taken in Bali during the monsoon season. You will not be surprised by any weather and you can cross the river with it. Absolute protection from rain, snow, spilled beer or tears of your enemies. With appropriate use and care, the backpack retains its properties for many years.

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